Gustaf Fagerberg streamline invoice handling with Pagero

E-invoicing to fulfil customer requests

Gustaf Fagerberg provides the manufacturing industry in Sweden with technology for controlling, managing and measuring flows. ”Many of our customers are large Swedish companies that have come a long way with the use of e-invoicing. For that reason, some of our customers, Södra Cell among others, asked to receive e-invoices from us and then we decided to get on board the digitization train. Companies have to keep up with customer requests if they want to be able to stay in the game”, says Lennart Svensson, Finance Manager at Gustaf Fagerberg.

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Great service from Pagero

”When we were going to select an e-invoice service provider, we were choosing between Pagero and another supplier. We decided to engage Pagero’s services because I had a feeling that they would be able to provide us with solutions that suit small and medium size enterprises such as Fagerberg very well. I also got the impression that Pagero was a very service minded and professional company.”

”Two or three years ago, we had an international customer with a subsidiary in Sweden. They cooperated with a British e-invoicing service provider and Fagerberg had to send e-invoices to them if we wanted to have them as a customer. I called my contact person at Pagero, who contacted our customer in England to try to solve the problem. That is how we realized that Pagero was a service minded company, because even though we had signed a license agreement with them, we had not started to use their services yet at that point. Still, their customer service department did not hesitate to help us find a solution. We really appreciated that!»

”There are three people at our company that use Pagero Online and everyone thinks the invoicing process is much easier now.”

A more efficient invoicing process with a virtual printer

”We switched to e-invoicing not only because of external demands; we wanted to streamline our own business processes as well. We issue about 10 000 outbound invoices per year and wanted to escape the tedious work of stuffing and stamping envelopes for example. There are three people at our company that use Pagero Online and everyone thinks the invoicing process is much easier now. The only thing we have to do is to print to a virtual printer and then the whole invoice issuing process is completed. This is a huge difference compared to how it used to be.”

Pagero Online is easy to use

”The implementation process was quick and easy and everything has worked perfectly well since the very beginning. Pagero Online is easy to use and there is a great feature that allows us to see which customers are able to receive e-invoices and add them to our directory ourselves. Pagero’s support services are also really great. Whenever we contact them with an issue, they always respond very quickly.”