Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Achieving local compliance in 29 countries

Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides a diverse range of well-known products and services to markets across the world. With a list of offerings and clientele as long as theirs, invoicing turned into a complex web of mixed formats and country-specific compliance regulations. Working with Pagero, HPE has standardised their e-invoicing procedure, reduced invoice turnaround, and found the simple way to comply with local business regulations worldwide.

The search for a global e-invoicing solution

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is one of the world’s leading technology companies with approximately 60 000 team members in offices around the globe. Being structured into business sectors that provide a broad array of products and solutions made it challenging to implement one standardised invoice structure. Diversity of invoice content and layouts, coupled with customer and local market requirements, demanded significant time for administering invoices, and ultimately led HPE to the implementation of Pagero’s e-invoicing services.

“The fact is,” says Mihai Chiriac, Program Manager of the EMEA & APJ e-invoicing program at HPE, “that there are no global standards for business messaging. In almost every case, we need adjustments based on customer or country-specific requirements, which proves very difficult to implement without a vendor like Pagero that performs e-invoicing enrichments.”

“We have been able to fulfil our invoicing-related tax and legal requirements in all 29 countries.”

A thriving relationship since 2008

The cooperation between HPE and Pagero started in 2008 when the Swedish government introduced requirements for e-invoicing. At the time of the companies started working together, Pagero had started the venture to other Nordic countries and had already begun doing research on the remainder of the EMEA region. The timing worked out well, as HPE soon enough needed e-invoicing services in more countries by the month.

Nazar Paradivskyy, VP Regulatory Affairs at Pagero says, “Working closely with HPE requires that we stay alert and on top of the latest regulatory developments around the world. Keeping our services agile and compliant is key in this age where governments are pioneering new technologies and digital controls. We continuously improve and enhance our offering to be able to cater for HPE needs in 29 countries and counting.”

Chiriac asserts that “Pagero has proven themselves since the very beginning as a progressive company with meticulously competent and knowledgeable staff. Our close interaction and their remarkably service-minded approach far exceed any other providers we have encountered. Whenever we faced challenges during the implementation or technical limitations, Pagero rose to the challenge and came up with a solution!”

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HPE uses Pagero Online for invoicing accounts receivable (AR) by issuing invoices from HPE’s ERP-systems, that are based on SAP technology.

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