KUKA Nordic fulfils customer requests and saves money with Pagero

E-invoicing to fulfil requests

KUKA Roboter GmbH is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of robotic systems with a PC-based control platform. They offer a wide range of robot types designed for many different purposes. Their subsidiary, KUKA Nordic AB, started to use Pagero’s services in 2013, when one of their largest customers, who also uses Pagero’s services, asked to receive e-invoices from their suppliers. All invoices that the customer receives via Pagero are automatically controlled with Pagero’s validation service, which has been a great benefit for KUKA Nordic AB as well.

Outbound invoices/year
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Customer requests that brought great benefits

“One of the greatest benefits with Pagero’s services is, in my opinion, that it is very easy to send electronic invoices. If you are going to set this up yourself with a customer it will be very complicated and take a long time,” says Ove Lumsden, CFO KUKA Nordic AB.

“The fact that one of our largest customers has started to use Pagero’s services and validates all their inbound invoices has been very good for us as well. Invoicing this customer used to be a problem for us because their inbound invoices were processed abroad. If someone typed in something wrong when they issued an invoice, it was not accepted and we had to call their overseas office to try to solve the problem. The risk for misunderstandings during the phone calls was high, which complicated the situation even further. For this reason, it took a very long time from when we issued an invoice until we received the payment. There used to be many overdue invoices that this customer had not paid, but now there are none. Since there is quite a substantial amount of money involved, it feels good to know that the invoices that the customer receives from us are correct and that we will always receive the payments in time”, says Ove Lumsden.

“It feels good to know that the invoices that the customer receives from us are correct and that we will always receive the payments in time.”

One single outbound flow

KUKA Nordic AB also use the value added service external print, which makes it possible for them to send all their invoices via Pagero, both e-invoices and paper invoices.

“For us, it is not about the fact that we manage a large amount of invoices, we only issue approximately 3000 invoices per year. It is about the fact that our customers mean everything to us and that we have much to gain by using Pagero’s services. Our goals are set very high when it comes to our use of e-invoicing, and since we are a part of a large European corporate group it would be very good if we could send invoices electronically in-between the different companies and countries. Since e-invoicing is mandatory by law in several European countries, it is good that our service provider is able to help us fulfil all these different requirements. Switching to e-invoicing is an ongoing process within our organization and we are hoping that the whole group will come to realize what great benefits e-invoicing brings.”

“I would definitely like to see our partnership with Pagero extended further. I would prefer handling all our invoices using their services and the more customers that want to receive e-invoices, the more money we will save.”