Schoeller Allibert streamlines its order flows in Europe with Pagero

When Schoeller Allibert became a customer to Pagero in 2012, they had been managing their orders electronically with the help of another service provider for many years. Magnus Enocson is responsible for all the financial systems and related processes that are used throughout the Schoeller Allibert group. He has been involved in managing the electronic flows since the very first implementation and below, he tells more about the development of the processes over time.

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All e-order flows via Pagero

“It was customer requests that made us start handling our order flows electronically at the end of the 1990s. We simply chose the same supplier that our first customer who requested e-order flows was using. It worked well at first, but then everything became too complicated. On an everyday basis, everything worked just fine, but as soon as anything needed to be changed, developed or added, it was very complicated, expensive and time-consuming. Some projects never got off the ground, which we were very dissatisfied with.”

“Eventually, we came in touch with one of Pagero’s sales representatives, whom we felt great confidence in. So when more and more customers asked for electronic flows, we decided to try out Pagero’s services instead. Now all our e-order flows go via Pagero. We receive all our customer purchase orders as customer sales orders and send out order confirmations, despatch advices, and in most cases also e-invoices, in return.”

”We currently have electronic flows running in Sweden, Norway, Germany and France and plan to connect more customers in more countries in the future.”

Flexible processes that are easy to understand

“When we want to connect a new customer, we put them in contact with Pagero, who will carry out a pre-study to create a time plan and establish a cost estimate. After this, Pagero will do what is needed to get the communication and potential new matches in place. We then make some tests and go live. It is really a very straight forward and simple process.”

“We currently have electronic flows running in Sweden, Norway, Germany and France and plan to connect more customers in more countries in the future. We have not seen any country-specific challenges. Instead, each customer has had their own individual requests and demands. But we have been able to meet all of them with the help of Pagero.”

Large time savings and a more secure order-receiving process

“Even though customer demands push the development forward, our company has benefited as well from transferring our flows to Pagero. We spend a lot less time registering orders now. Some of our customers place orders several times per week, sometimes daily. There are often many rows of entry in the order messages, which used to take hours to enter manually. Now, the invoices just go straight into the system. All we have to do is to check them and confirm them. So, we do save quite a lot of time. The order-receiving process is also much more secure now; we send out replies with less manual work and we use much less paper.”