Softmade found a flexible partner with Pagero

Softmade is a company that designs software and offers customised financial systems to companies in the transport, hydraulics and construction industries. Thanks to Softmade’s and Pagero’s partnership, Softmade’s customers can manage their entire sales and purchasing flow in their financial system.

Partnership with Pagero to create added value

The partnership between Softmade and Pagero started in 2016. «The goal was to further improve Softmade’s service offering and to create added value for their customers, by facilitating the digitalisation of the entire purchasing and selling process,» says Martti From, Senior Advisor at Pagero Oy. «The customer, and us as well, of course, benefits from the automation of everything between us as service providers. The launch of the e-invoice services is thus extremely simple, without having to raise the price tag.»

“Our partnership is well developed and all parties benefit from the flexibility it enables.”

«Our partnership is well developed and all parties benefit from the flexibility it enables,» says Jari Bergström, CEO of Softmade Oy. «When a customer wants to start using Pagero’s e-invoice service, I simply let Pagero know and they help the customer with the installation of Pagero Online. After that all I need to do is install a handful of files from our side and then everything is ready to go.»

Everything is based on customer needs

«Before our partnership began, we discussed Softmade’s customers and their needs. We thought about how our expertise and product range could be used in the best possible way to increase customer value,» says Martti From. «We then developed these thoughts by testing them. Softmade themselves started to use our services to see how they work and to find out what needed to be addressed in their system to ensure that everything would work smoothly.»

«We use Pagero’s excellent service to send e-invoices. While I sit there in the office, one simple push of a button will send all invoices to customers at once, either digitally or via external print,» says Jari Bergström. «It was precisely this simplicity we wanted for our customers.»

At the same time, development cooperation also began. As a result, Softmade developed a notification system for purchase invoices. «When the processes were digitalised, we discovered what the customer would need help with. The inbound invoices are sent automatically to the financial system, but what happens then? There was a significant need for an embedded system which would provide notifications regarding invoices and when this was launched at the beginning of 2017, it was received very positively by our customers,» continues Jari Bergström.

A successful concept

«We have been approached by several companies that are not involved in our partnership, but which have been interested in the same level of integration in their own financial systems instead of having separate functions, as this is much more rational. Softmade’s and Pagero’s partnership means that the flow of purchase invoices can be fully automated – invoices are registered directly in the notification system, where they are processed as usual and sent to payment and accounting,» says Jari Bergström.

«When we initiate a partnership, we start with our existing services and how they fit together, with the goal of creating something valuable for the end user. But development projects are entirely possible too, and in this respect, we at Pagero have been able to offer our expertise and help in the form of consultation to jointly develop the functions needed. The end result is a tailored and successful concept,» says Martti From.

”With Pagero, we found the flexible partner we needed to make our own work easier and to be able to offer our customers a simple, functional solution.”

The Pagero alternative

«With Pagero, we found the flexible partner we needed to make our own work easier and to be able to offer our customers a simple, functional solution. It is not only the implementation that runs smoothly – even the use and the support we get from Pagero works excellently,» says Jari Bergström. «Pagero’s customer service is exceptional. They are proactive and explain clearly if there is something that needs to be resolved and how we should go about doing so. Specific customer needs are taken into consideration and addressed quickly and when we do a format update, we can rest assured that we will get technical assistance.»

«I am often asked where to find an e-invoice operator and how such a system works. There are several different options, simple web and Internet banking solutions and so on, but for us companies Pagero clearly offers the best solution.»