Pagero’s services helps Swedavia to streamline their invoice flow

Outbound invoices/year
Inbound invoices/year

Improved efficiency and good support

“The three main advantages for us in choosing Pagero as a supplier are that we have been able to greatly improve the efficiency of our flow, we can be sure of incredibly good support on those occasions we need it, and we receive extremely useful help”, says Emeli Arnryd Application Manager at Swedavia Aiports. “As soon as we bring up a need, we get a response that we consider fantastic and which helps us in our process moving forward. They are very responsive to our needs all the time, and that is something we truly appreciate.”

Reduced cost

“We save a great deal of money, both in terms of labour costs and in terms of the incidental administrative costs. Today we have no packaging costs, no paper costs and postage is minimal, but the big profit we have made, that can be found in labour costs. We have such an unbelievably efficient flow today because there is nothing that requires any hands-on activity, neither for inbound nor outbound invoices. Instead, everything is handled completely digitally.”

E-invoicing in line with Swedavia’s sustainability work

“We always think about the environment, so we want to waste as little paper on print-outs as possible. We have a zero-percent emissions target at our airports, so we are constantly thinking about the environment, and this is a way of minimising our impact on the climate. We do not print any invoices if we do not want to, or if it is not needed, and instead we prefer to send an e-invoice or a PDF invoice. Similarly, we prefer to receive an e-invoice or a PDF invoice rather than a printed invoice.”

Integration between Pagero and IFS

“The integration between our ERP system, IFS, and Pagero performs very well, we do not even have to think about it, it simply works all the time, and it is easy to set up.”

“The response from customers has been completely non-existent, which we think is a good sign. We have not received any complaints whatsoever; the system just flows and that is exactly what you want!”